30 Days of Yoga

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This course includes helpful ideas and tips to support you on your journey!
Today we begin with this video introduction video.

Tomorrow – DAY 1 of YOGA. It will teach you to feel excited about challenging yourself, connecting to yourself and learning something new.

This 30 Day practice is intended to support you in finding what feels good. So, though it may be challenging to make time for your practice – just do it – knowing that it is okay to adapt, change, modify, rebel and do your own thang at any time. But get on the mat.

I am grateful that my body is able to move, that my breath is capable of deepening and I love that I will be doing it with so many others, around the globe. – Catherine

The hardest part each day will likely be getting on the mat. Make time. Stay focused and choose to make the experience your own.

Take conscious breaths and stretch each day as a way of connecting to your intentions, your big picture and ultimately, complete wellness.

Why not? Let’s reach for the stars!

Course Credit: Yoga with Adrine

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