Completion Tracking

Completion Tracking is one of the most used features of GrassBlade xAPI Companion and works with top WordPress LMSes. It is used to complete the lesson, unit, quiz and course in the background on the basis of added xAPI Content.

It keeps tracking activities on added xAPI Content (xAPI, SCORM and Video as xAPI Content) and saves records in the GrassBlade Cloud LRS. When the user completes the added xAPI Content, it automatically marks the lesson, unit, quiz and course as completed with the help of GrassBlade Cloud LRS.

Learn More: Completion Tracking

Supported WordPress LMSes:

  1. LearnDash LMS
  2. WP Courseware LMS
  3. LearnPress LMS
  4. LifterLMS
  5. Tutor LMS
  6. MasterStudy LMS
  7. Sensei LMS

We extended its functionality to give you more control over “Mark Complete” button. Now you have 4 options for this button behavior.

  1. Hide Button (Default)
  2. Show Button on Completion
  3. Enable Button on Completion
  4. Auto-redirect on Completion

Learn More: Advanced Completion Behaviour