Advanced Video Tracking with WP Courseware

In this course, there is one module having three units with a video added in each unit. These video are added as xAPI Content and you can check all the xAPI tracking data in GrassBlade Cloud LRS. Login details are given below:
Password: demo

In LRS, you can see following statements:

  1. Initialized
  2. Played
  3. Seeked (on seeking video)
  4. Paused (on pausing video)
  5. Interacted (on volume change, entering fullscreen)
  6. Completed (on watching atleast defined threshold)
  7. Terminated

You will see these statements for each type of video whether it is a YouTube, Vimeo or self hosted MP4 video.

Completion of each video is set at 70%, means when you watch at least 70% video then it will send a completed statement to LRS.
In LRS, you can see most-watched segments of the video and total time spent, including all the activities you have done.

Attempt the content your by self, to see it in action.

Module 1 Video Platforms
Unit 1 YouTube Video  
Unit 2 Vimeo Video  
Unit 3 MP4 Video (Self Hosted)