Advanced Video Tracking on LearnPress

34 students

In this course, you can see three LearnPress lessons having a video embedded as xAPI Content in each lesson.

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Video uploaded on hosting.

The video tracking feature is explained further in the YouTube video. You can play each video and perform these activities and see your activities in the Learning Record Store.

  1. Play (played)
  2. Pause (paused)
  3. Volume Change (interacted)
  4. Skipping (seeked)
  5. Full Screen (interacted)

Completion of each video is set at 70%, means when you watch at least 70% video then it will send a completed statement to LRS. In LRS, you can see most-watched segments of the video and total time spent, including all the activities you have done.

Learn More: How Advanced Video Tracking works?



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