H5P Example Content with xAPI Completion Tracking

Here is a list of H5P content types (and their demo) which works with Completion Tracking. You can use these H5P content types with GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS to track their data, as well as track completions on them. You can also restrict lesson progression on LearnDash till the H5P content is complete.

Demo H5P Content

In this H5P content, you can see a video with an interactive quiz.

It is a quiz, created with question types available in H5P.

This is a memory game developed with H5P, where you have to remember the place of image and open two same images.

This is a quiz with sliding flashcards, 
you have answered the questions by looking at images.

This is kind of story content with Quiz, you can see text and images and then answer the related questions.

This is a drag n drop type quiz question, where you have to match correct images.

The questionnaire is a survey type quiz, you have to answer the question but there is no grading.

This is a free form question, where the learner is free to input any data he likes to enter as the answer.

In this content type, the flow of content is decided by user actions.

Contains slides with quiz questions to make interactive presentation.

A single choice quiz questions set to with nice UI to play with.

A slides based content, best ways to show blueprints or time based changes.

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