H5P – Image Pairing

This is an H5P based content type named Image Pairing, and you have to match images with the correct image by drag n drop. After completing this course, you can check all your interaction in the Learning Record Store.

It will help you in understanding how H5P based xAPI Content uploaded on WordPress interacts with GrassBlade LRS.

Use these LRS login details:

Email: demo@nextsoftwaresolutions.com
Password: demo

To give you a better idea about layout options, we have added the same content in 3 different ways to this page.

In-Page: Shows the content in page using an iframe.
Lightbox: Shows the content in a popup Lightbox.
New Window: Opens the content in a new window.

Any of these three options can be used with videos as well as any other xAPI Content.

Things you can track?

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New Window: