Adobe Captivate Content on LearnPress

30 students

This demo course contains an xAPI based content added lessons. The content is developed with Adobe Captivate 2019.

You can see the following statements in GrassBlade Cloud LRS:

  • Attempted when you start, course and quiz.
  • Answered for each question. It includes your answers and essay responses along with the correct response.
  • Passed or Failed sent after you finish the quiz, and includes the score and time spent.
  • Completed once at the end when LearnDash marks the quiz as completed

Log on LRS to track your progress details
Password: demo

When you complete this course:

  • LearnPress will mark the lesson as completed.
  • You can see the result below the content and in GrassBlade Cloud LRS.
  • After completion, you will get a certificate.

Watch this video walkthrough for a better understanding of this demo.



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