xAPI Contents – Storyline & Rise 360

In this demo course, you will see an xAPI Contents created using the rapid e-learning development softwares, such as Articulate Storyline and Rise 360.


  • You can see which slides are viewed by the user. (Experienced statement)
  • You can see questions that are answered by the user. (Answered statement)
  • You can see quizzes passed/failed by the user. (Passed/Failed statement)
  • You can see course completion in GrassBlade LRS. (Completed statement)

When you complete the xAPI content in the MasterStudy lesson/quiz:

  • GrassBlade will mark the lesson/quiz as completed in the background automatically
  • It will enable/show the Mark Complete/Finish button, that will just refresh the page.
  • On course completion, you will get a certificate.

Log into GrassBlade LRS:

Email: demo@nextsoftwaresolutions.com
Password: demo

xAPI Contents